Goji Spectral Signature

Q: Does your Goji Juice (Absolute Goji, Goji Fusion) meet the spectral signature requirements that Freelife’s Himalayan Goji Juice has? I’m shopping for the best.

Knoxville, TN.

A: Denae,

First, do you know what a “spectral signature” is or what it is used for? 99.9% of scientists, doctors and the like don’t and the average person doesn’t have a clue. Dr. Earl Mindell and FreeLife have created a marketing ploy to make it appear that their berries are totally unique, which is an impossibility. (I am sorry if it sounds like I am attacking, I am not. I am just trying to make a point)

I like to drink fine wine. The wine can be from a single plot in a vineyard, it can be sourced from the entire vineyard or it can come from multiple plots from multiple vineyards, yards or miles apart. The grape though is the identical clone. Each will possess a similar but unique composition, even if grown in the same vineyard.

Why? Ten feet of the area is limestone, ten feet is under an oak tree, ten feet is by a stream, and ten feet is more gravel, or clay or whatever. Each will draw up a different combination of trace minerals making its Spectral Signature just ever so different. The same with goji, feet away, yards away, down the street will never yield the exact Spectral Signature. The overall footprint will be the same but from batch to batch will be different.

The bottom line is this, Lycium Barbarum is Lycium Barbarum and that is it. FreeLife doesn’t have a magical berry that is unique to them. It’s a complete lie if they say they do, it’s just marketing.

And to answer your question our Lycium barbarum (Goji). has the same S.S. as theirs.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

P.S. Here is the definition of Spectral Signature:
For any given material, the amount of solar radiation that reflects, absorbs, or transmits varies with wavelength. This important property of matter makes it possible to identify different substances or classes and separate them by their spectral signatures.

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