Tamanu (kamani) oil for age spots and as a hair conditioner

Q: Dear Dr. Ettinger,

I just saw your informational video on Tamanu Oil.  Would this product be effective on age spots?  And could one use this product on one’s hair as a conditioner?

Thanks again,


A: Carmelita,

I add it to my conditioner bottle for an extra punch – good call! Age spots are tricky. It works wonders on some and not so wonderful on others. If you get it for your hair, try it on the skin and see what happens.


Dr. Ettinger

Response back: Dr. Ettinger,

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I Didn’t find your suggestion of adding the Tamanu Oil to one’s hair conditioner on any of the websites I was researching for further information on this product. What a great idea!!! I need that extra punch for my hair!

As for the age spots, I appreciate your honesty on this fact. At least you’re not afraid to give someone an honest answer. You should see the advertising out there on some web sites guaranteeing that age spots will disappear with Tamanu Oil.

Thanks again,


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