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Since 1999, California Academy of Health has provided its customers with organic Therapy Juices™ as well as cutting edge nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, and natural vitamins and minerals. Priding itself on its superior customer service, California Academy of Health® (CAOH®) markets primarily to independent health food stores and alternative healthcare practitioners.

At the forefront of CAOH’s offerings are its Therapy Juices™. CAOH presently has four unique, Super-Fruit blends and four 100% Super-Fruit juice products, with 2 new formulations coming in 2009. California Academy of Health management has circled the globe, traveling to South America and Asia to find the best natural product sources and farms for their goji, mangosteen, noni, and acai fruit, much of which supports eco-responsible and cooperative farming. As a result, California Academy of Health has one of the only 100% USDA Organic mangosteen juices on the market. In addition, they provide a 100% organic, freeze-dried acai berry powder that is just one step from eating the Acai berry off the tree!

The uniqueness and quality of their products has created a steady, high-quality repeat customer base. One of the most popular products is their Liquid Power Multi-V™, a completely vegan, hypo-allergenic, liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and phyto-nutrient supplement. Also a proprietary blend, CAOH developed this product to respond to the growing demand for a high-quality, gluten-free, vegan formula. In addition, California Academy of Health is constantly researching and formulating new Therapy Juices™ and nutraceuticals.

CAOH is a family owned and operated company. There is no middleman or broker to deal with – CAOH works with all of their customers directly. CAOH constantly strives to keep prices low and focus on quality, with optimal health being their primary goal.

Main products: Power Multi-V™ (vegan, hypo-allergenic, liquid multi-vitamin, mineral and phyto-nutrient supplement); Therapy Juices™ (certified organic): Goji Fusion™, Absolute Goji™, Mangosteen Elixir™, Absolute Mangosteen™, Acai-Max®, Totally Nude Noni Juice™, and Almost Nude Noni Juice™, and Absolute Acai™(Organic, freeze-dried, acai berry powder).

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