Why you should buy from CAOH?

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Sometimes we get asked – even after ten years – why should we buy from CAOH?

There are many real reasons why you should buy from California Academy of Health!

Consider these facts carefully when you look at our competition!

  1. We have been a trusted name brand for over 10 years and have 1000's of loyal return customers using our products.
  2. California Academy of Health® has earned a rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – click here to verify!
  3. CAOH® is verified by TRUSTe for privacy:  Click here to verify!
  4. We are a Network Solutions verified secure site: Click here to verify!
  5. We provide open access to our customer reviews (good and bad):  Click here to review!
  6. We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee! Click here for details!
  7. We have tons of detailed, up-to-date FAQ resources:  Click here to review!
  8. We have a line to our Director of Product Research for answers. Have a question? Ask the Doctor: Click here!
  9. Specials are always available so we can help you save money!  Click here for details!
  10. Outstanding customer service.  We are a family owned quality name brand – so we are always here to help – just call us or email us 24/7 and we will do whatever we can to make you purchase the best ever!

All this in addition to our high-quality, unique products make us the clear choice.  Really why would you even consider anyone else?

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True Colloidal Silver?

Dear CAOH,

Well to be honest I am kind of disappointed. I read that true colloidal silver is supposed to be amber in color or darker and that fake “ionic silver” comes in clear color as your product is, so I feel as though I was deceived. I would like to have true colloidal silver if you do ever happen to sell the actual product and thank you for your concern.



I was forwarded your e-mail and I would like to respond to it. Whomever told you that or wherever you got that misinformation from is lying or totally misinformed. There is no truth to the color having to be amber, just as it doesn’t have to be clear either. We are talking 15 parts per million (PPM) here. Think of it this way: it’s like dumping 15 cups of cherry Kool-Aid into 1,000,000 cups of water; it’s not going to change the color! There is not enough substance contained in the entire bottle to effect to color in any way shape or form. Please understand that sometimes when others make claims they may be doing so solely to make themselves look good and others to look bad.

The truth is that “colloidal silver” is in fact a generic term like Xerox is for making a copy of something.  Read below and you will get a clear picture of what I am talking about.

Colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. A colloid is technically defined as particles which remain suspended without forming an ionic, or dissolved solution. The broader commercial definition of “colloidal silver” includes products that contain various concentrations of ionic silver, silver colloids, ionic silver compounds or silver proteins in purified water. Colloidal silver with concentrations of 30 parts per million (ppm) or less are typically manufactured using an electrolysis process, whereas colloidal silver with higher concentrations of 50 ppm or more are usually silver compounds that have been bound with a protein.

I hope this clears things up.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

Customer Feedback 12/15/08 II

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Mahalo, Heather for taking such good care of us.  It is so comforting to know that we always receive such wonderful service from you.  Your quick response and explanations always make the transitions so easy.  What a great asset you are to this company and I hope you can pass this on to your Supervisors/Managers to let them know how we feel about you.


Mary Jane Balubar

Customer Feedback 12/15/08

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Love the company, when I ask questions, I get prompt responses and totally appreciated the follow up when I requested info on a product that was out of stock for a while.

Thank you to CAOH. very happy with the company
Terry Hanna

Customer Feedback 12/14/08

Better value than Mona Vie
Royal Bastian

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Customer Feedback 12/13/08

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Great products. I have been a customer for several years and my orders have always been delivered promptly. I will continue to buy.

Galen Pavone

Customer Feedback 12/12/08

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Excellent products, excellent service, super fast delivery.  We’re very happy and we’re now regular customers.