CoQ10 plays a crucial part in your body’s energy production

Question: I have a question about your Liquid Coenzyme Q10.” If your needs only require 25 mg per day , then our exclusive liquid formulation with essential fatty acids can be easily adjusted to a 60 day supply.” My question is how do measure 25 mg on a daily basis.

Answer: Robert,

CoQ10 plays a crucial part in your body’s energy production. It’s found in every one of your mitochondrial cells; they are responsible for converting fats and sugars into ATP… which is your body’s main source of energy. In fact, 95% of your body’s energy is said to come from this source. However when natural CoQ10 levels are inadequate, even the basic metabolic functions of these cells are impaired.

For adults, the typical recommended supplemental dosage is reportedly around 30mg to 200mg daily. Younger, healthy adults tend to be on the lower end of that range.

½ + ¼ teaspoon or our Liquid CoQ10 Formula will give you 30mg’s. Now, this is just my two cents on the subject of dosage: After 22 years of practicing holistic medicine, I have found that the therapeutic dose of CoQ10 starts at around 120mg’s per day (1/2 Tbsp 2x/day). In some of my patients I’m going as high as 1000mg’s per day to achieve our desired result.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC