What could I take instead of statins to help lower my cholesterol?

Question: I am a 64 yo female. I walk and exercise regularly for a good year and a half. My cholesterol just read at 299. My HDL are fairly high. I have been on fish oil caps, a good multi, CoQ10, 50mg’s during that time. I have just recently added green tea extract caps x 2 per day. Up til now I have been drinking 3 cups green tea daily. Test show some plaque. My doctor wants me on statins,which I have tried but get muscle discomfort. What should I try now? Thank you for your reply. Barb

Answer: Barb,

I have exactly what you need. CaliTrim, 2 tablets 3x/day! This may sound too simple but it’s what I’ve been using in my practice, with predictable results. The combination of nutrients in CaliTrim will support proper fat, cholesterol and sugar metabolism.

This is very important too: reduce the amount of starch (anything made from wheat, corn, oat, potato, rice, rye….) in your diet to just one serving per day. Switch to beans/legumes as a replacement.

The therapeutic dose of CoQ10 is 120mg’s per day and is best absorbed/metabolized with certain nutrient synergists. Our Liquid CoQ10 Formula has all of that in ½ Tbsp 2x/day. Please think about raising your CoQ10 dosage.

Please e-mail me back when you get your next test results in case there is any fine tuning that needs to be done. Here’s to lower numbers.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC