Noni – the almost forgotten!

Noni – the almost forgotten superfruit!

Our Beginning – Noni!

Noni juice was the very first product we ever offered, over 10 years ago now.  We were one of the first to import the juice from the island of Tahiti, getting it bottled here in the US.  Since that time noni juice has been sold all over the world and we ourselves have sold literally tens of thousands of bottles.

Over the last couple of years our other Superfruits have stolen some of the limelight from this tried-and-true fruit, to our regret.  We have so many customers that call to tell us that Noni has helped their sports injuries, digestion, and other difficulties.  We wanted to make sure that Noni was still something that all of you were thinking about!

Our Noni Juice is as good as it can get.  Still imported from Tahiti (the best source), certified organic and kosher, and with a wonderful fruit puree blend in our Almost Nude Noni to cut that “interesting” taste.  (We still have the Nude 100% Noni for any purists out there!)

The bottom line is that noni is an incredible little fruit, it may not taste very good, but wow the benefits!  We have written and gathered great information about this special fruit – yes even before wikidpedia existed!

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Neil Solomon, M.D., Ph.D

Noni a fruit worth knowing!