What would you recommend for boosting the immune system

Question: What would you recommend for boosting the immune system?


Answer: Bronek,

Our whey protein powder (1 scoop/day) is mandatory (Whey protein fact sheet). Next, I would add (5,000IU’s/day) vitamin D, probiotic (1-2 caps/day) and vitamin C (1-2 caps/day). FYI: below is from a newsletter I recently sent to my patients.

“I just wanted to remind everyone that I have put together a natural “preventative” protocol for kids and adults, against colds/flu. Now is the time to get going on this!

I have been using this protocol for the past ten years w/my patients and the ones who follow it haven’t been effected by the flu, or if they did, it was very mild. The products are all natural and the possibility of side-effects is practically zero. The combo is vitamin D liquid, a special probiotic and vitamin C (w/rutin). This may seem very basic and you may ask, “how can this work?” At therapeutic doses, this combination actually moves the body from a weak, straw house; to a slightly-stronger, stick house; to a ultra-strong, brick house. Brick house people don’t get sick or if they do, the symptoms are much milder, and/or the overall duration of symptoms is far less.”

The sooner you can get going on this protocol, the faster you can start boosting you immune system!


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

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