Acai Berry & Weight Loss

Organic Acai berries!Acai Berry helps with your weight loss! How can you improve your mental and physical performance and at the same time control your weight? A smoothie with CAOH® organic freeze dried Acai first thing in the morning! Well, after you wake up and shower of course. Many of us skip breakfast and that is not good news. Having a good breakfast is one of the simplest ways to improve your overall health. Did you know that breakfast skippers tend to be heavier than non-breakfast skippers?

Research shows that people who consume breakfast are leaner and maintain their weight compared to those who skip breakfast. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down to conserve the little energy you have left from the overnight fast, which means that anything and everything that you consume later in the day, your body will want to store right away! By having a balanced and complete breakfast, you'll kick start your metabolism. Not only will your metabolism become more efficient during the day, but it will prevent you from being too hungry and making less healthy food choices at your next meal. It will also give you energy to function, meaning that you get more out of your day and feel great!

In addition, by skipping breakfast, delayed cravings peak in the afternoon, which can lead to poor nutrition choices. Breakfast skippers also miss out on vitamins and minerals that they would have consumed in their breakfast meal and do not make it up later in the day. Lack of breakfast leads to poor memory, concentration, ability to do work and much more! So if you find that you are not at your peak and you skip breakfast, why not try an Acai berry smoothie for a change? Or a scoop of CAOH® organic freeze dried Acai with yoghurt and/or cereal?

If you're short on time, just throw a few spoons in a tub of yoghurt and mix it up. In one serving you!ll get the goodness of fiber, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and healthy unsaturated fats plus vitamins and minerals to help your body function. A CAOH® Acai berry breakfast gives you the nutrition and energy you need in your busy lifestyle! CAOH®

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