Coral Calcium for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)?

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Question: I am writing for information concerning my sister. She is only 57 and her fingers are already starting to be deformed due to rheumatoid arthritis. Is there anything she can take to reverse it or keep it from getting worse. I was wondering about coral calcium but she has a problem with calcium deposits. Will coral calcium cause calcium deposits? Also wanted to know if coral calcium will cause kidney stones as I have an aunt that would like to take calcium supplements but she has a problem with the kidney stones.

Thank you, Bonnie

Answer: Bonnie,

This request is way too complex for this forum. I wish it was as simple as saying yes to the coral calcium and all would be better, but it wouldn’t. RA is an auto immune disease and the triggers are unique to the individual. I have helped many of my patients with RA, with the initial work-up being the most important component. Treatment involves dietary and lifestyle changes, along with targeted nutritional supplementation.

I have a distance patient program that will do all of this. Here is a link to that information. Also, please read my blog-post, There is a cure for arthritis – Reactive Arthritis (Reiter’s Syndrome). This form of auto-immune arthritis is similar to RA.

As far as your aunt goes, she would be better off with magnesium than calcium. Calcium supplementation is very, very over rated. Magnesium deficiency is of a greater concern and more prevalent than that of calcium. So is vitamin D. My recommendation would be to take 3000 IU’s (3 caps) of our Vitamin D (power D3) and 800mg’s (1 cap in the AM & 1 cap in the PM) of our magnesium (Calm).

I hope this information helps.


Marcus Ettinger, BSc., DC

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