How you helped me with lyme

Hi Dr. Ettinger,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me be free from all Lyme symptoms for good! I was diagnosed with Lyme about three years ago and received antibiotic therapy about four months exposure. I hadn’t seen any bite or “bullseye”, but went to the Doctor after having multiple physical complaints and generally not feeling well. I was treated with antibiotics and felt much better; But, the symptoms began to return especially when I had more stress in my life…Things like low energy, head fogginess, very poor short term memory, mood swings, left hand tremor..between 2-4 in the afternoon…and these were all the symptoms I had upon initial diagnosis as well as an irregular heartbeat on and off. Anyway, after another run of antibiotic therapy that was only briefly helpful, I went to and “asked the doctor”. You recommended Liquid Power Multi-V, Absolute Acai, Totally Nude Noni Juice, Ultra Supreme Greens, and Vitamin D 5000 IU’s/day and Resveratrol……I have to admit I forget to take some of them daily, but I am symptom free for over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps other Lyme sufferers,


Jane Buckley