Is Probitic Flora-Health Safe While Breast Feeding? Yes!

Probiotic Flora-Health is a potent, broad-spectrum, probiotic formulaQuestion: Hi Dr. Ettinger,

I don’t know if you will remember me or not. I saw you many years ago for photo-faicals for my skin and you have since helped me with vitamins to help with my celiac disease. I love/loved the Probiotic Flora-Health the most. I really notice a difference in feeling much better when taking them. It has been a while since I have taken them as life has been hectic, financially and such. I am interested in taking them again but am now breastfeeding our first baby so I wanted to check with you on the safety of the product while breastfeeding.

Thank you for your time,


Answer: Bridget,

Congratulations and yes I do remember, from SD and mom in Montana? I hope my memory is still intact. Probiotic Flora-Health is not only perfectly safe for you and the baby while breast feeding it is a mandatory product recommendation of mine while breast feeding. Our Non-GMO Lecithin Granules is another as i our Liquid Power and Omega 3-6-9. If you take these four items all the way through breast feeding, your baby has the best chances of growing-up healthy, without the same childhood sicknesses that other kids may get. You can take the same four products for your continued health as well.

My wife did the same. Our daughter is 7.5 years of age, no immunizations and has never had to set foot in an MD’s office. I have had her on supplements since she was three. Yes, she has had some mild colds here and there but that’s it.

If you need any personalized health you can always reach me at 714-639-4360

Take care,

Dr. Marcus Ettinger, B.Sc., D.C.

Response Back: Dr. Ettinger,

Yes! You do have a great memory. Thank you for your response and additional recommendations for supplements. Its great to know your daughter has benefited from them as well.

I am sure we will be in touch in the future. I would like my husband to start taking supplements soon too.

Take care,


Where’s the iron, supplement that is?

Question: I was looking for iron on your website & did not find anything in the general area or under the Women’s section.

Do you not carry that supplement?



Answer: Julie,

You request something and we answer your request!

Our Vegetarian Iron Complex™ utilizes the Albion Labs patented Ferrochel® Iron chelate where research has demonstrated it to be highly absorbed, well tolerated and non-constipating at recommended levels.

  • Superior Bioavailablity
  • Non-Constipating
  • Enriched with Vitamins & Herbs
  • A Vegetarian Dietary Supplement
  • 100 Tablets

This is an extremely absorbable form of iron with natural co-factors. I find that iron deficiency anemia is not so common. Most people lack the co-factors for absorption and utilization. This formula has it all. Plus, the form of iron we use is the least constipating of all forms. You will want to take 1 per day with meals.

Take care and have a wonderful 2012


Dr. Marcus Ettinger, BSc., D.C.

Response Back: Good Morning….

That is great news, I will check back & order some along with my Liquid Power Multi-V. I had my annual doctor appt & when my blood work came back it showed me being anemic, so was told to take 325mg of iron a day. We think that part of it is my “pre-menopause” stage & the 2 week long cycles vs. the good ole 5 days.

Thank you for your time & wonderful supplements…

You too have a very Happy New Year!


Does flax seed oil contain lignans?

Question: Hi,

I use your products and have been very satisfied. I do have a question though, my research on flax seed oil has lead me to believe that the oil (unlike fresh ground flax seed) does not contain the lignans. This is one reason why I buy it fresh and ground it myself. You advertise it as high lignans. Do you have any research to back this up?

Thanks for your time.


Answer: Terri,

Thank you for being a loyal customer and do appreciate getting questions and being able to clarify nutritional misconceptions that fill the internet. Please understand that this question is not meant to be an attack but the start of a fair and analytical conversation. That said, Do you have any research to back-up your statement? where did you get your data? Is it from a peer-reviewed journal or biochemist?

I’ve been doing this since 1995 and have been a doctor for 22 years. I have been confronted with hundreds of questions from well-intended people, based solely on hearsay (from a neighbor, health food store employee, readers digest…), and in some cases very angrily. I too hear a lot of conflicting data on many subjects. Before I ever buy into it, I will do my due diligence and seek-out the truth.

The statement that flax seed oil “products” do not contain lignans can be false or true depending on the processing. How much lignans contained in the oil is a matter of processing and filtration. There is standard, low to no lignan flax seed oil (100% pure oil, highly filtered) and there is high lignan flax seed oil (lightly or non-filtered). It’s the particulate matter that contains the lignans. It’s just like in olive oil and wine. There are those manufactures that filter their finished product and those that leave it unfiltered. It’s up to the customer to decide which they prefer.

Is this what you read?

I have noticed that there are two different kinds of flax oil, regular and high-lignan. What is the difference between the two? Which one would you recommend to purchase?

Flax oil, regardless if it is regular or high-lignan, contains only the oil portion from the seed. It does not contain protein, lignans, fiber, and any other substances from the seed. With that being said, consider these points:

1. In the entire flax industry, not one standardized methodology of plant lignan extraction and measurement testing has been settled upon. Therefore, you will never know if it is high-lignan or not. It is like comparing apples to oranges.

2. High-lignan flax oil is usually more expensive than regular flax oil. So, are you better off purchasing high-lignan flax oil? Since the lignan amounts cannot be verified, it has less omega-3 fats, and is more expensive, you would be better off consuming regular flax oil and adding ground flaxseed to your diet.

Dietitian Jane Reinhardt-Martin

I wish I knew where Jane was getting her data because any first year chemistry student will tell you that if you assay a specific substance you will be able to determine its chemical composition and purity.

This is taken from the assay report of our product:

Amounts of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fats and lignans (per serving)

Linolenic Acid (Omega-3)……….55%
Linoleic Acid (Omega-6)…………..14%
Oleic Acid (Omega-9)………………19%
Other (Saturated)……………………..12% of which 1.5% is the lignans

Organic flax particulate matter (source of lignans)


Please let me know if you are satisfied with this response and if it adds clarity to the topic.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC


Thanks for the information. I read in one of my books that I usually rely on but at the moment I can’t remember which one. I have to find it because I usually use my books to cross reference info. I have a strong interest in health and I do a lot of reading. Some things stick in my head and that was one of them. It was by no means a dig at your products. I happen to like CAOH company.

I truly appreciate your detailed response. I am use to pretty much not getting one when I request info from other companies.


A World Class Organization

Hi, Dr. Ettinger

I’d like to thank you so much for the outstanding supplements and nutritional advice that i have received throughout the years.

California Academy of Health is a world class organization.

Happy holidays and the very best for the new year.

P.S. One question – I read so much about the benefits of lemon juice as a detox agent and an overall cleanser. Is this something that I should add to my regimen?

Thank you


How you helped me with lyme

Hi Dr. Ettinger,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me be free from all Lyme symptoms for good! I was diagnosed with Lyme about three years ago and received antibiotic therapy about four months exposure. I hadn’t seen any bite or “bullseye”, but went to the Doctor after having multiple physical complaints and generally not feeling well. I was treated with antibiotics and felt much better; But, the symptoms began to return especially when I had more stress in my life…Things like low energy, head fogginess, very poor short term memory, mood swings, left hand tremor..between 2-4 in the afternoon…and these were all the symptoms I had upon initial diagnosis as well as an irregular heartbeat on and off. Anyway, after another run of antibiotic therapy that was only briefly helpful, I went to and “asked the doctor”. You recommended Liquid Power Multi-V, Absolute Acai, Totally Nude Noni Juice, Ultra Supreme Greens, and Vitamin D 5000 IU’s/day and Resveratrol……I have to admit I forget to take some of them daily, but I am symptom free for over a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps other Lyme sufferers,


Jane Buckley

The Need of Sleep!

The need to sleep!

Do you get enough sleep? Many of us actually do not get enough sleep, and we aren’t even aware of it. We have just adjusted to it without even realizing that we are not getting good sleep.  We just think the energy level that we have is “normal”.

The body needs natural sleepThe fact is that we are not getting the real rest that we need, and if we did,  we would notice a difference in our morale/mood, energy level, and alertness that would shock most of us.  But the big issue is that the lack of sleep can affect your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.  Sleep is, after all, when the body can take the time to heal.

In addition most of us also don’t realize the impact that the foods we eat have on our sleep.  Of course we know that caffeine keeps us awake. So, clearly we want to avoid anything that has caffeine in it at least six hours before bedtime. But just as caffeine is something that keeps us awake, there are many foods that actually help us get better sleep. Any food that contains tryptophan is a ‘sleeper’ food.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that produces melatonin in the brain. Melatonin slows down the traffic in the nerves and helps our brains rest. The brain, of course, is the body’s central control center. When it’s active, so is the rest of the body – but when it rests so does the body.

You’ve heard of having a warm glass of milk to help you sleep. The ‘warm’ part really has no nutritional effect on sleep. But it is a psychological trigger that soothes us from our baby days, when our mothers fed us warmed milk or baby formula. however, the nutritional components of milk actually does promote sleep, because milk has calcium and tryptophan.

Calcium actually helps the brain use the tryptophan in a more productive way, making it produce melatonin faster, which relaxes our brains enough to let us fall into a deep, relaxing sleep.

Again, this is because of the calcium. Not only does this calcium help the brain produce melatonin, it also reduces pain and stiffness, helps decrease leg cramps, restless legs, and muscle spasms that many people experience during the night that keep us awake.

FYI – magnesium can also have the same effect.  Some people need calcium, some magnesium and some need a combination of both.  In fact, one of our customers mentioned to us that if he has any trouble sleeping, he just gets up and takes some of our Coral Calcium, and sleeps like a baby within a short time.

The nice thing is that taking one or the other will not harm you.  They are just natural minerals and the also have other great nutritional aspects for the body as well.

Here is a recent email we got from one of our customers:

February 8, 2010

Dear CAOH,

“I would like to thank California Academy of Health, and share with you that Calm has restored my sanity.  I was at my wits end after having suffered through six months of insomnia at this time last year.  I didn’t want to go on prescription medication and had tried multiple over-the-counter sleep aids, none of which helped.  I have ordered Goji Berries from for a couple of years now, and was browsing your on-line product catalog.  I was interested enough in the name of the product to read the description.  I ordered a bottle of Calm, and that $20 provided instant relief of my insomnia.  I take one capsule after lunch and have slept like a baby for the past year.  That’s six months of sleep for $20!  And it’s all natural.  I don’t know why more physicians and OBs don’t recommend absorbable magnesium to their patients, especially those in peri- and menopause.”

Thank you CAOH!

Philadelphia, PA

Here are some products that can help with sleep:

Absolute L-Tryptophan

120 Capsules – 500 mg – Vegetarian


High Potency Magnesium – 180 capsules

Liquid Calmag

Liquid high potency calcium/magnesium w/ Vitamin D

Calmag Plus

High potency calcium/magnesium softgels

Coral Calcium Capsules

90 day supply – 2:1 calcium/magnesium

Coral Calcium Liquid

Calcium and nutrient complex – 32 oz – vegetarian

Liquid Power, Magnesium and Reduced Blood Pressure

Question: Hello,

My husband was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and I now need to confirm that none of the supplements he currently takes will aggravate or contribute to this condition.  Can you please let me know if ANY of the ingredients that are in your Liquid Power Ultra Complete Daily Multiple will increase blood pressure in users.  (Note: I had read that men who’ve had heart attacks should not take L-Arginine, – Liquid Power lists the amino acid Arginine – but I don’t know if that would also affect those with high blood pressure.)

Separately, we are trying to find natural remedies to help with his high blood pressure condition.  We’ve currently started a daily regime of CoQ10, OPC, Hawthorne and Garlic, which seems to have had some preliminary success in lowering his numbers.  Can you tell me if there is a specific product by CAOH that we might look at for his condition?


A. Sandoval

Answer: AS,

Nothing in the Liquid Power will raise his BP. The only other supplement I would add is magnesium (very important). Start w/one a day and work up to two a day. Reason is that magnesium in some people can have a slight laxative effects a la Milk of Magnesia. I take 3 and have no problem, most people don’t until they get to 3 or 4.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc

Reply back: Dear Dr. Ettinger,

I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to send me your response below.  My husband and I are both very happy to hear that we can continue to use the Liquid Power product without interruption … and also, thanks to your recommendation regarding the magnesium, my husband’s BP numbers have been significantly reduced!  Thank you for that information.


A. Sandoval

Absolute Acai, absolutely made my hair and nails grow

Good Morning!

Heather, can you please increase my order of Absolute Acai Powder to 2 every 30 days instead of the one I am receiving now?  Thank you so much!

Regina Janicki

Okay Regina, I have taken care of this. So your mid July shipment will have 2 packages instead of 1.


Thank you, Heather.  I have to tell you, that  for the past couple of months my hair and nails are growing like never before.  Usually in the Spring that its a normal occurrence, but for me, my nails never grow. until-Acai.  My husband looked at all the benefits of Acai, and although I knew it was a “super fruit” and “antioxidant”, he also discovered that it has been known to grow hair and nails.  Well, I am one of those statistics!  Now he is convinced and hooked!  That’s why I have decided to increase my monthly order.  I wouldn’t want to run out!

Thanks again!

Noni got rid of my gout!

I tell a lot of people about you, I doubt if they give my name as a referral,  but I believe in your product and I feel the difference,  noni got rid of my gout!  My uric acid levels dropped and my MD was impressed.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

David Cecil

Acai Max and TheraAloe is Quite Awesome

Thank you for your quick response and directing me to your blog.  I do find your site to be the most informative I have ever come across and seems the best quality, organic products.

Just for fun, I mixed the Acai Max with the Aloe and grapeseed (TheraAloe) half and half and came up with a very nice taste.  The Aloe by itself is definitely an acquired taste so I found that combination to be really quite awesome.

Thank you again for your information and customer service and I will continue to use and refer people to you!


Mandarava Kumara

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