Noni and the Prostate

Q: How does the noni juice stack up with the anti-oxidants in the muscadine grape and does this have any affect on the prostrate.

A: Dear Linwood,

Muscadine Grape Seed Extract is a potent antioxidant that has a concentrated source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s). These anti-oxidants help protect cells from free radical damage and can also promote healthy circulation.

Noni is also a fruit rich in antioxidants, it’s one of natures most special fruits.

“Dr. E’ Golden Antioxidant Rules”

1. There are no bad antioxidants.
2. The more antioxidants you consume the better.
3. The broader the variety of antioxidants you consume the better.

Grape seed extract inhibits advanced human prostate tumor growth and angiogenesis and up-regulates insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3
Alternative Medicine Review, March, 2004 by R.P. Singh, A.K. Tyagi, S. Dhanalakshmi

Many Jamaicans use local traditional remedies for treatment of urologic disease. The juice from the Noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) has been heavily promoted in the Jamaican media as a cure-all, including as a treatment for prostate cancer.

I have also read some anecdotal evidence showing noni helping (BPH) prostate swelling. I personally don’t know if it does or doesn’t.

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Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

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