Liquid Power Multi-V or Ultra Supreme Greens and Fruits or Both?

Question: Hi,

I have been taking your Liquid Power Multi-V and your Mangosteen Elxir and I love it!  I am very interested in your Ultra Supreme Greens & Fruits and I just wanted to know is taking the liquid power multi-v and the Greens & Fruits a good idea or is it too much and I only need one.  I noticed the Greens & Fruits has a decent amount of vitamins in it already.  If I only need one which one do you recommend and if you recommend both how do you recommend I take them.  Both at the same time in the morning to start my day or one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Thanks!

Answer: Jason,

Liquid Power is the base and you will build from there. Here are a few other ESSENTIALS.

A complex of essential fatty acids Ultra Omega 3-6-9 and Lecithin granules (lecithin in the emulsifier that allows you to metabolize the oils, plus the brain is 30% lecithin, and it’s good for cholesterol metabolism).

Whey Protein: Proteins are essential parts of all living organisms and participate in every process within our cells. Protein is also what makes up our muscles, immune system, internal organs, hair, nails, skin, and connective tissue. Whether your body resembles a brick house, stick house, or straw house is determined by the level of protein in your body. When a client comes in for a consultation with weak nails, poor hair growth, a weak immune system, and/or low energy, I always know they are deficient in their intake of (quality) protein. I usually take one scoop a day (25 grams of protein), but two scoops on the days I am working out in the gym.

Vitamin D is mandatory for all of my patients – 5-6,000IU’s per day (see for more data)

Here is a protocol I put together some time back.

I hope this helps.


Marcus Ettinger, BSc., DC

Does CAOH have sun dried acai berries

Does CAOH have sun dried acai berries??  I would like to get some if you do.



There are no sun dried acai berries. Acai berries are not like a blueberry or raspberries (see acai pictures)…. There is no flesh, just a pit, fiber and a millimeter’s worth of skin/flesh. It’s that millimeter, mixed with water that makes the juice (Acai Max). The Absolute Acai Powder is as good as anyone can get to pure acai.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger

TheraAloe Mixed with Goji Fusion Tastes Great

Hi Dr. E,

Could you tell me what the taste of TheraAloe is like.




TheraAloe and aloe in general tastes a little funky, but worth the effort. When mixed in juice (I like cranberry/Goji Fusion combo), it’s pretty good.


Dr. Marcus Ettinger

Good to know….

I’ll add it to my order.


Organic certification is the hallmark of quality!

An organic update from CAOH

One of the earmarks of a high quality supplement company is demonstrated by their Organic Certification.  In order to receive this certification, you go through a rigorous inspection process to ensure that the products you are offering meet all the guidelines. 

CAOH goes through this inspection process every year!  (We just did again!)  We want to make sure you know that we are making every effort to keep our quality and value ahead of the curve.

Whenever possible, buy organic!

Organic products form CAOH®

Important: Why is it important that products be certified organic?  First of all, it guarantees that you are getting a product that is free of additives, chemicals and preservatives.  Secondly, because buying certified organic ensures that you are actually getting the real item.  Buying certified organic ensures that you are buying the real thing at its best!

Here is a list of our organic products:

Goji Fusion® – Goji Juice w/ Camu Camu
From Our Perfect oji Garden™
32 oz – Lycium barbarum L.
Amazonian Camu Camu
USDA Certified Organic!
Absolute Goji™ 100% Pure Goji Juice
100% Pure Goji Juice
Certified Organic
17 oz – Lycium barbarum L.
Organic Goji Berries
Hand Picked and Sun Dried
16 oz Bags 500mg
No Sales Tax!
Absolute Goji™ 100% Pure Goji Juice
100% Pure Goji Juice
Certified Organic
17 oz – Lycium barbarum L.
Mangosteen Elixir®
Certified Organic Mangosteen
32 oz – 100% Pure
Mangosteen and Fruit Juices
Absolute Mangosteen™
100% Pure Mangosteen Juice
Certified Organic and Kosher
17 oz – Garcinia mangostana L.
Certified Organic Acai
32 oz Superfruit Therapy Drink
The absolute finest available!
Absolute Acai Powder™
Fresh New Batch
Absolute Acai Powder™
Freeze Dried Acai Powder
100% Pure – 120 Grams – 4 oz
100% USDA Organic and Kosher
Absolute Acai Capsules™
100 – 500mg Vegetable Capsules
Made from organic freeze dried Acai.
Maqui Max™
Certified Organic Maqui Juice Blend
32 oz – 100% Pure Juice
Maqui + Fruit and Berry Juices
Almost Nude Noni Juice™
Certified Organic Noni and Kosher
Certified Tahitian Noni
32 oz Bottles
98% Pure Noni Juice
Totally Nude Noni Juice™
Organic Tahitian Noni Juice
Certified 100% Pure Organic Noni
32 oz Bottles
High Molecular Weight Polysaccharide
Organic Aloe Vera Juice
with Red Grape Seed Extract
Sea Buckthorn Oil
Certified Organic – 100% Pure
2 oz Bottle (60 ml)
100% Tahitian Organic Tamanu Oil
USDA Certified Organic
Natural Skin and Wound Care
2oz Bottle
Oregano Oil (2 oz)
Pure and Organic
Natural Carvacrol equals 69
No Additives!
Flax Seed Oil – High Lignan Flax
High Lignan Flax Oil
1000 mg – 120 Softgels
Certified Organic & Non-GMO

Goji Overview and The Tibetan Goji & Himalayan Goji Myth!

Goji Overview and The Tibetan-Himalayan Myth!

Goji berry product overview from California Academy of Health® CAOH® – discussing organic Goji Juice (Goji Fusion® and Absolute Goji®), Goji Berries and Goji Berry Powder. Also discussed is the Tibetan Goji and Himalayan Goji myth!

California Academy of Health proudly offers four extremely high quality açai products, our Goji Fusion™ juice and Absolute Goji Juice™, Absolute Goji Powder™ and our sun dried Goji Berries. All of these products are 100% certified organic and ethically harvested. In fact they are independently verified organic. We even have goji juice in our Mangosteen Elixir™ and our Liquid Power Multi-V™.

California Academy of Health, Inc.

Ultra Supreme Greens – Food or Without Food?

Q: Dr. Ettinger,

I had a question regarding the Ultra Supreme Greens. I got the product because it said to take in morning preferably, so i got the capsules and it says 3, 3x per day… I have only been taking 3 in the morning… having breakfast, then doing juices (Anti-Aging, Acai Max, Goji Fusion) … I have other things (herbs) to take during the day. Should I be taking 9 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach?


A: Michelle,

Take the Ultra Supreme Greens w/food for better absorption. You can divide it-up or take them all at one time – both ways are fine but take at least 6. You can also use them to calm the stomach down, as an antacid if the need ever arises.

Sounds like you have a great program going!


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

Is it okay to mix Goji, Acai and Multi-Vitamins?

Q: Dr. Ettinger

I have been mixing your Liquid Power Multi V with your Goji Fusion – at a ratio of 1:2 respectively.  Is it OK to mix these and take them together?  If so, could I also add in liquid Acai Max?  Would it be OK to mix the three items?


Robert Griffin

A: Robert,

Yes, it is perfectly okay. Enjoy!


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

Later the same day: P.S. I definitely sense there’s something about your products (the one’s I’ve tried) which sets them apart from other similar products. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. Please don’t fall into the trap of compromising to make more money. So many companies turn greedy and ruin themselves in the long run that it’s become an epidemic. Keep up the great quality!

Take care


Acai Berry can help reduce Heart Disease

Acai Berry Heart Friendly Nutrients!  It is known that certain diets promote heart disease. And we also know that the proper diet can help reduce heart risk, even if you have risk factors which cannot change (such as age, genetics and family history of the disease). However, we also know that the lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and smoking are modifiable! That's great news.

A heart friendly diet not only protects us from dangerous health related conditions. One of the key aspects of a heart friendly diet is the inclusion of fruits and vegetables and the replacement of saturated fat in the diet by unsaturated fats. One way that antioxidants guard against health conditions is by protecting the LDL, or bad cholesterol from oxidizing – which is what forms plaque in our arteries and hence cause atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

CAOH® Acai is cholesterol-free. It is naturally cholesterol-free since cholesterol only comes from animal products! Why do we want to lower our cholesterol? This is because it is linked to heart disease. CAOH® Acaí berries are not only cholesterol-free, but low in the heart-clogging saturated fat and high in the heart-friendly unsaturated fats and fiber. Together, these nutrients help reduce cholesterol.

Let!s take a look at the types of fat in CAOH® Acaí. There are three types of fats found in our foods. Saturated fat, polyunsaturated fay, and monounsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats tend to be liquid at room temperature (your vegetable oils, with the exception of coconut and palm which are mainly saturated). Acai berries are low in saturated fats. These are the fats that increase your cholesterol and clog up your arteries. The Acai berry contains the unsaturated fats omega-6 and omega-9 (a classification of the type of unsaturated fats), which reduce LDL-cholesterol levels (think L = Low, so we want them to be low in our blood) when they replace saturated fats in our diet.

Acai is richer in monounsaturated fats than polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats maintain the good HDL-cholesterol levels (think H = healthy, or you want it to be high) in our blood. Monounsaturated fats are less susceptible to oxidation than polyunsaturated oils. This makes monounsaturated fats a heart-healthy choice.

Recall that CAOH® Acai is a good source of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps lower cholesterol and maintains sugar levels in our body.

CAOH® Acai is a true heart-friendly fruit!

Get CAOH® Acai Berry Online Now!

Why buy oragnic fruits and vegetables!

Why are organic products higher in antioxidants?

“Selecting organic produce and organic processed fruits and vegetables will increase antioxidant levels by about 30 percent, compared to produce grown on otherwise similar conventional farms.”

Organic fruits are more antioxidant rich!There are two reasons why organic fruits and vegetables are higher in antioxidant compounds. The first reason is linked to what is called “pest pressure.”  Plants under stress from pests have to engage their natural defense mechanisms, called secondary plant metabolites or SPMs.  Most SPMs tend to be antioxidants and they’re also responsible for giving plants their bright colors and distinctive flavors.  When organically grown plants have to engage their defense mechanisms, they yield fruits and vegetables that are higher in SPMs and therefore higher in antioxidants.  This also explains why you can actually taste the difference between organic and conventionally grown produce.  Organic produce tends to have a much richer and fuller flavor in part because of those antioxidant rich SPMs.

The second reason has to do with using the natural growing methods on organic farms. Conventional farms speed up plant growth by heavily fertilizing plants and spraying pesticides to get plants to grow as quickly as possible. This actually shortens the growth cycle for plants and yields fruits and vegetables that are lower in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Organic farms, on the other hand, rely on slower/natural growth cycle to allow fruits and vegetables to mature naturally.  This leads to better tasting and far more nutritious produce.

Obviously this is good and good for you!

Foods with the most antioxidants per serving:

Maqui berries Acai berries
Blueberries Elderberries
Pomegranates Citrus Fruits
Cranberries Kidney beans
Blackberries Pinto beans
Raspberries Asparagus
Strawberries Yellow pepper
Apples Black-eyed peas
Plums Cooked tomatoes
Sweet cherries Cooked artichoke
Prunes Red cabbage
Grapefruit Red grapes
Peaches Broccoli raab
Potatoes Beets

Acai and Maqui berries offer some of the highest antioxidant levels of all super fruits and berries.

Elderberries are also high in antioxidants and are related to blueberries and cranberries. Studies have also shown elderberries can be effective in boosting the immune system and helping reduce your risk of colds, flu and coughs. For more on elderberries and the benefits of elderberry juice in boosting your immune system naturally, click here.

But remember, a person can not live on just one fruit alone!  Variety is the spice of life, and that’s why it’s so great we have all these wonderful organic products to choose from.  Click here to see more great antioxidant rich fruit and berry products.

California Academy of Health Catalog

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