Nutrients needed to heal after joint surgery

Question: Hey,

I’m an avid bike racer and have been using the CAH liquid multivitamin for some time now.  Great product. I had the misfortune of tearing up my labrum on the right shoulder and jut returned from surgery, which went well.  I’d like to know what supplements or nutritional items could be helpful in speeding and ensuring a full and strong recovery. Would you be able to make some recommendations or point me to a few things tat may be helpful?

Many thanks!


Answer: Ben,

I’ve had two shoulder surgeries and one knee surgery due to motocross injuries – I have become quite informed about what it takes to heal back to pre-injury status . The key to recovery, nutritionally speaking is: whey protein @ 1 scoop, tons of vitamin C & rutin (I love our formula – Power – C @ 4 per day), and if you are taking our Liquid Power, double-up for a few weeks. A product that will also be very beneficial is MSM @ 2 grams per day.

As soon as you are able to move your arm, get a Theraband and use it everyday. Here is a great exercise instruction sheet.

Good luck,

Marcus Ettinger DC, Bsc