Nutrition vs Alzheimer’s

Nutritional drink and Alzheimer’s

alzheimers stampScientists have developed a drink called Souvenaid that is a “medical food”, meaning it’s taken under the guidance of a physician to manage a specific condition. The drink has three components — uridine, choline, and the omega-3 fatty acid DHA — that, working together, help restore synapses, said Dr. Richard Wurtman, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-author of the study. Uridine is a molecule used in the genetic coding for RNA, choline is in the vitamin B family, and DHA is found in certain fish and fish oils.

You can read more about this article from CNN here (link). But what we wanted to point out is this statement in in the article: “These nutrients are already found in the human body and have been shown to be safe, he said. But taking a supplement of any one of them will not have the same beneficial effect, he said. Together in the right proportions, the cocktail increases the production of fatty constituents and proteins needed for synapses…..

These nutrients are abundant in fish oils, whole foods like tomatoes, seaweeds, phytoplankton and our Liquid Power Multi-V™ and Ultra Omega 3-6-9™.