Another MLM – When Will the Madness End?

Question: Hello Dr. Ettinger,

I have used the California Academy of Health Products for many years.  I love them and will continue using them.

However, my question is about another company’s products.  Have you heard of Rain Nutrition?  They are selling products called Soul (antioxidant liquid) and Pure (probiotics with some special patented coating).  I am not sure these products are as great as they say.  They seem kind of expensive too.  I was just hoping that maybe you could tell me your opinion on them.  The website is

Thank you,


Answer: Catherine,

Rain is a multi-level-marketing company.  I don’t need to look at the products because, as far as I am concerned all MLM’s are semi-legal pyramid schemes, with inflated prices and marginal products.  My recommendation is to stay away and tell your friend (just guessing) who recommended you these products, thanks but no thanks. Keep your hard earned money.

Our Liquid Power Multi-V and Probiotic FloraHealth are dynamite products and they’re what I uses in my practice, for a probiotic and liquid antioxidant. I’d stack the above two products up against Pure and Soul any day of the week, in quality, price and effectiveness.  Just my professional opinion from 21 years in the nutrition and holistic medicine business.

I hope this helps.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

Response Back: Thanks Dr. E

I really appreciate your help.

I already use the Liquid Power but I will add the Probiotic FloraHealth.  Is the probiotic something you take on an on-going basis?

My Response: Catherine,

One a day is perfect. Basically, we have two immune systems. One in the intestines and then the rest of the body. If we keep an abundance of healthy flora throughout our life-time, we are less likely to develop any bad condition in the intestines and our overall immunity will be higher. The key to Probiotic FloraHealth is that it’s enteric coated, meaning it opens up in the small intestine rather than the stomach. That way all the good stuff goes exactly where it’s needed and not inactivated in the stomach. There IS no better type coating. Here is What Rain says, “Rain Nutrition’s probiotic, PURE, uses patented BIO-tract® technology which protects our product from the harmful effects of stomach acids so that the good flora and beneficial organisms will survive until they reach the GI tract where they will go to work on cleansing and strengthening.”

Their all hype and price, and it’s exactly what we have at a WAY CHEAPER PRICE. As I said, MLM’s are all hype and no substance. Why else would someone pay $45 for a product that they could buy elsewhere for $15. It’s the 7 levels of down-line commission added in, not that it’s a better or more unique product.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

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