What type of bottling process does your Mangosteen go through, and how does the fruit get here?

Q: Hi i would like to know what type of bottling process your mangosteen juice goes through to get bottled and how you get the fruit here.  Please feel free to email me back with your response.

Thank you!

A: All of our juices are either blended with other “super-fruit” juices or stay as a 100% single varietal juice. All juices are then “flash pasteurized”. Bottles are then filled and before being capped, inert gas is injected into the neck to remove oxygen, and then sealed.

All of our juices, purees and pulps come to us, directly from the source, refrigerated in vacuum sealed, non reactive bags or containers.

To be honest, it’s the quality of the raw ingredients and the “flash pasteurizing” that sets us apart. All MLM juices (Freelife, Monavie, Xango, Seabu…) and the vast majority of competing company’s juices are produced at facilities like Aseptic Solutions in Corona, CA. The juices are ultra-heat pasteurized, another word for sterilized. There are no longer any biologically active enzymes present in the juices. Basically they are just flavored sugar water. What company’s do is to uses all the raw fruit research for their promotional material. Now the product appears to be a miracle beverage with almost mythical properties. If they preformed the research studies on the juices post-production, completely different results would be found.

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Thank you for your questions.


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

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