Will Liquid Power affect my candida?

Question: I have used your multivitamin formula (Liquid Power) for a year. I have recently been going to a Dr. who uses Metagenics. She uses them because they are controlled formulas. I have an overgrowth of candida and have wondered if the concentrated fruits are not good for me.

Answer: Jerry,

Liquid Power will not have an influence either way, as far as candida goes. Even if you avoided all overt sources of sugar, sugar (glucose) will still be present in the blood and cells. 2/3 of almost all the foods we eat convert to sugar. The only reason to change your diet (avoiding overt sugar) is if your diet (sugar) affects the way you feel. As far as supplements go I like: Thorne Research – SF722, Now Foods – Probiotic Defense Powder and Ecological Formulas – Monoalurin 600mg caps. It’s a combination I have used for years. If you can get a prescription from your MD, 6 – 150mg Diflucan’s  (1 per week for 6 weeks), you could really jump start the program. This is just my take on the situation and in no way a treatment recommendation.


Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.

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