Ultra Supreme Greens – Food or Without Food?

Q: Dr. Ettinger,

I had a question regarding the Ultra Supreme Greens. I got the product because it said to take in morning preferably, so i got the capsules and it says 3, 3x per day… I have only been taking 3 in the morning… having breakfast, then doing juices (Anti-Aging, Acai Max, Goji Fusion) … I have other things (herbs) to take during the day. Should I be taking 9 capsules in the morning on an empty stomach?


A: Michelle,

Take the Ultra Supreme Greens w/food for better absorption. You can divide it-up or take them all at one time – both ways are fine but take at least 6. You can also use them to calm the stomach down, as an antacid if the need ever arises.

Sounds like you have a great program going!


Marcus Ettinger BSc, DC

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