+1 for CAOH Goji, -1 for Freelife Goji

Dr. Marcus Ettinger,

I am being contacted by an attorney who works for a law firm, that is bringing a class action lawsuit against the biggest crooks besides our politicians. MLM Freelife finally has been exposed. My wife and I love your Goji Fusion. She gets energy and I the same and calms our hunger. I read on the lawsuits that your name came up, the CEO of freelife was stuttering about “Raw” , and Dr. Earl Mindell, (not a doctor at all) he bought his bogus degree, even the girl who made 2.4 million, Dr. Sandy who finally admitted that their juice was heated and it was not raw juice, and it was not 100% goji, she should go to jail, and they should attach all of her assets. Thank God this criminals have been exposed… S.G. Hermitage, PA

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