Absolute Acai, absolutely made my hair and nails grow

Good Morning!

Heather, can you please increase my order of Absolute Acai Powder to 2 every 30 days instead of the one I am receiving now?  Thank you so much!

Regina Janicki

Okay Regina, I have taken care of this. So your mid July shipment will have 2 packages instead of 1.


Thank you, Heather.  I have to tell you, that  for the past couple of months my hair and nails are growing like never before.  Usually in the Spring that its a normal occurrence, but for me, my nails never grow. until-Acai.  My husband looked at all the benefits of Acai, and although I knew it was a “super fruit” and “antioxidant”, he also discovered that it has been known to grow hair and nails.  Well, I am one of those statistics!  Now he is convinced and hooked!  That’s why I have decided to increase my monthly order.  I wouldn’t want to run out!

Thanks again!