Noni got rid of my gout!

I tell a lot of people about you, I doubt if they give my name as a referral,  but I believe in your product and I feel the difference,  noni got rid of my gout!  My uric acid levels dropped and my MD was impressed.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!

David Cecil


  1. I am looking for very high doses of liquid B vitamins…. B-6 b-12 niacin about 30 mg something like 5 hour energy WITHOUT the caffeine. I have adrenal fatigue and need this to help with my absorption of food. I get very weak without it. I am 67 years old.

  2. Mary,

    The “Mega Dose” fad of the 70’s-90’s is over. I have no idea how it started but it has no basis in human physiology and the perceived benefit that one may feel from “mega doses” is merely placebo. Our body needs parts per million not millions of parts, and what is not utilized is excreted. Our Liquid B Vitamin would be perfect for you. You can even double-up on it, but that’s the maximum I would recommend. If absorption is an issue than try 1 Super Power Enzymes and 1 Vegizyme with each meal. That would be my best blind recommendation. If after trying this for a bit you don’t get the desired results than you would be advised to search out a competent holistic practitioner who can figure the rest out. I hope you give these three products a try. You can call Heather for help with ordering 800-643-7188


    Marcus Ettinger Dc, BSc

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