Can You Cook with Lecithin Granules?

Question: I really don’t like the taste of the lecithin granules.  Can you cook with them and get the same benefits?


Lecithin granules won’t cook-up very well. If you blend the granules in a protein shake  (I use 2 tablespoons per shake) or with yogurt and fruit/fruit juice in a smoothie, you won’t taste them and it will act as a thickening agent (slightly).

Note: Lecithin granules are great ways to add additional lecithin to your diet. Lecithin is a naturally occurring fatty substance found in a variety of different foods such as soybeans, egg yolks, and whole grains. It helps the body utilize certain vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, E, and K. Lecithin granules also help to break-down fat and cholesterol into smaller pieces.

I hope this helps.

Marcus Ettinger BSc., DC

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