Multivitamins Reduce Blood Pressure

Source: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition  (07/06/2009) – Edited for grammar and definition. Diseases of the heart and circulation are so common and the public is so well acquainted with the major symptoms that result from cardiovascular disorders that patients, and occasionally physicians, wrongly attribute many unrelated complaints to cardiovascular disease (CVD).  It should…

Why is Acai being touted as a weight reduction product if it isn’t?

Why is Acai being touted as a weight reduction produce if it isn’t? What is it’s value to the user? Acai is a potent, polyphenol rich, antioxidant. It can be used as a preventative or treatment whenever a super-strong antioxidant is indicated/required. I take it as a preventative and anti-aging nutrient.

Powerful anti-aging effects with resveratrol; it’s more than just the "French Paradox"

Many research studies have validated the fact that one of the most powerful ways to extend life is to reduce food intake (calories) while still maintaining nutritional needs. Organisms ranging from yeast to mammals experience a much longer and healthier life if they consume just two-thirds of the calories they normally eat. Experiments with rodents, for instance, have increased life span by 50% through dietary caloric restrictions.