Dr. Mindell Made Health Claims

Dear Marcus, Please see below. This person included this with their order for Liquid Power. Can you send some data to her? Thanks, Heather (caoh.com customer service rep.)

E-mail address removed here.

“Dr. Mindell guaranteed me that his goji juice would cure my 9 yr. old golden retriever of her cancer. I just started her on it 1 week ago, so it is too soon to know if it is working yet. If I want to keep her on it, I’d rather get it someplace that isn’t into the MLM; I hoped to get a product catalog with the goji juice, instead I got a book on MLM……..
I also ordered his zincosamine for my husbands bad back, Dr. Mindell assured me that the zincosamine combined with MSM would relieve his pain in 30-45 days. Do you have something that would compare to these products as well but at a lesser price?
Thank you, Linda C.


I spoke to Linda for 25 minutes this morning and she said that it WAS Dr. Mindell, himself, that gave her the information. This is the third time that I have talked with someone who said that Dr. Mindell made health claims and gave health advice regarding his products. Whether it is someone representing themselves as Dr. Mindell or really him, it is not ok to do this.

Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc

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