Is Genesis Today’s Goji 100 really pure Goji Juice? You Decide!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

This is what [our] raw Goji Juice looks like before we ad our proprietary camu-camu fruit blend.  It looks just like raw carrot juice, alive and vibrant.  This is 100% pure goji juice.

Real raw Goji Juice use in California Academy of Health's Goji Juice.

Below is Genesis’ Goji 100!  It’s almost black with a thickness like molasses or syrup.

Genesis Today's Goji 100 - Is it real goji juice?

“I am sure you know what 100% cranberry juice or apple juice or grape juice or even orange juice looks like?  It’s not like syrup and it’s not black, so why does the above, so called 100% goji juice, look like that?  Maybe because it’s a processed concentrate?”

Marcus Ettinger DC, BSc.


  1. Question: Hello,

    On your website you state that fresh Goji juice is orange and should not be brownish in color. I’m a little confused. I thought Goji berries were red. If they are why does the color of fresh Goji juice have the color of orange? Shouldn’t the color be more on the reddish side? Just curious.


    Answer: Randy,

    The color of the fresh goji juice looks like fresh carrot juice. The berries turn redder when dried; the flesh is very orange when fresh. I hope this helps.


    Dr. E

  2. I am sitting next to a bottle of genesis today total goji.. it is red and thick. they are lying.


    We have two bottles right here from genesis today total goji and the photos taken and shown above are right from the bottle comparing it to raw goji. How could we be lying?

    That is why we did the pictures – what more could we say?


  3. Genesis Today Total Goji 100 is raw (and orange), Genesis Today Goji 100 is slow cooked the traditional Chinese way – hence the change in color. No scam going on. There's seems to be some confusion as to which is which. There are two very different products.


    Having been to China and Inner Mongolia
    to actually see goji farms/farming, harvesting and processing – we just don't see how this could be so. Raw Goji – even pasteurized does not look brown molasses.  It is bright orangey red!


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